I’m a scientist by trade but after starting a journey of personal development in 1998 I started to realise that I wanted more from life.  Testubes, microscopes and white coats just didn’t cut it any more.

In 2000 I started a diploma in Somatic Psychotherapy – 4 years part time – and supplemented this with a course in advanced somatics.  I was a super keen student but I wasn’t really sure that I wanted to become a therapist – I was just hungry for the knowledge and insight that the training was giving me into my own psychology.

Next, in some weird act of fate, my employer told me that I no longer had a job and so I decided that this was my time!

I did a small business course while starting up a Somatic Psychotherapy practice.  I haven’t looked back since.

In 2013 I added shamanic practices and sound healing to my portfolio, in the form of channelled sound, to support clearing, healing and restoring the energy of clients to optimal health.  Just another arrow in the quiver.

My areas of specialty are; anxiety, depression, men’s issues, gay and lesbian issues, relationships,  life transitions and trauma recovery.

They say that a therapist specialises best in those areas they’ve had to deal with themselves – no comment 🙂


  • BSC (Hons) Medical Microbiology – 1996
  • Certificate of Somatic Integration Therapy – 2002
  • Diploma of Somatic Psychotherapy – 2004
  • Advanced Somatics (Zapchen) – 2004

Call me on 0414 888 248 to find out how my training and life learnings can help you have more of the life you want!