Transformational Bodywork

Back in 2010 I was sitting on my cushion meditating and I started to hear strange sounds which did not sound like anything I had heard before.  I didn’t think too much about the significance and just put it down to a momentary experience, remembering one of my teachers saying ‘all sound is mantra’.

Later, I can’t be sure how much, I decided to research this experience a little.  Reading, talking to colleagues and the good old google, lead me to the realisation that the sounds (or as I now know it light language) is a direct connection to source energy and the sound vibration can support clients to shift energetic patterns, remove limiting self-beliefs and activate DNA to allow more access and connection to the Soul and Divine purpose.

For two years I studied with light language practitioners receiving activations and energy downloads and as a result my light language channel grew stronger and clearer.

Light language is a healing form of channelled sound that comes from source energy.  It has the ability to clear restricting limiting patterns of being and thinking, as well as connecting people more clearly to their Soul’s purpose.  The vibration of the light language differs depending on the purpose of the energy coming through.  It activates dormant DNA codes, supports expansion in consciousness and connecting to people’s true nature.

Check out my interview on Truth Frequency Radio in May 2017.  It explains my personal journey and I give a demo of Light Language frequency healing.  The interview is here.